Fundraiser For My Mom ❤ July 20th through Sept 3rd 2014

Total Raised !

100% of Proceeds Go to Help
My Mom in Need!

THANK YOU EVERYONE! WE BEAT OR GOAL!!!! Stay Tuned for a Video Anouncement & the Raffle!

Original Photograph #1 of 200 Limited Edition Wood Print By Shaon Sattva*
The image is printed through a special process on a hand-crafted frame made from 100% reclaimed wood* Artwork normally sold at a $100 value!

July 20th 2014 & through Sept 3rd, 2014*
We are No Longer Accepting Entries !

Thank you everyone who has shown support! Every bit has made a difference!

We have exceeded our Goal!


© 2014 RIS


The Fundraiser Deadline has Ended & We have a WINNNER!

Her is the Video Raffle, Winner Announcement & Personal Thank You’s!


This is a Fundraiser to Help my Mom & Family in Need ♥ 

About Fundraiser:

Short Story:

  • My mom is in dire need of help. She has suffered a breakdown & medical issues causing her to loose her job. All the money from this raffle will go to help her, my sister, two nieces, & pets to make ends meet.

 In more detail, the best way to describe the situation might be a timeline:

  • My Mom has an impressive career as a Drug Councilor & Director of Substance Abuse Programs for over 20 years to help people overcome addiction & maintain sobriety.
  • With America’s backward “War on Drugs”,  the overwhelming initiative of the State has been incarceration of drug offenders while providing extremely low support for substance abuse treatment programs & prevention. Because of this, she was not earning a livable wage & having much difficulty surviving even with her humble lifestyle.
  • Due to these money troubles, my Mom suffered an extreme nervous breakdown. She was paralyzed in her sleep & incapacitated, she had mentally lost her senses, experiencing stroke-like mental & physical qualities. She was not eating & was suffering from dehydration.
  • To worsen matters, she went to a doctor for help which mistreated her & did not help her with proper treatment.
  • Not being able to work, she has lost her job & so the financial hardship deepened.
  • She has since recovered mentally but now has permanent complications causing her to not be able to work including severe arthritis where she has trouble walking, severe emphysema where she has trouble breathing, high blood-pressure & she can not afford to get her blood-pressure medicine.
  • Family has helped where they can & a previous fundraising effort was made which has helped a lot. My Sister, who is making less than $8 an hr has been helping with money on top of paying for her 2 children as a single mom. They have also pawned many of their things to try & make ends meet.
  • She has applied for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) but the verdict isn’t back yet. The department actually messed up on her paper work & so she has had to wait an extra month to find out if she will get the money to help her. She does not currently know how she will pay her rent this month.

Infinite LoveAbout Raffle:

  • Each Raffle Purchase is a $20 donation to help my mom. With each $20 donation, your name will go in the basket another time & will increase your chances of wining the artwork!
  • The Raffle Begins July 20th 2014 & will continue through August 20th, 2014*
  • At the end of the raffle, I will put all the names in a hat & draw the winner.
  • The winner will be announced publicly & notified by email!
  • Shipping costs will be payed for by winner.

Lets Build a Better World:
Normally we think of the “War on Drugs” as solely affecting those who are using drugs. My mother is one story of a true Hero who herself overcame addiction & has devoted her life to helping others do the same, while herself falling to the fate of very large problems carried out by our society. Can we create a culture where the helpers & healers of our society are rewarded for their contributions to humanity? Or are we doomed to live in a society where  corruption & exploitation are rewarded with profits supreme?

Please help me any way you can. If you can not enter the raffle yourself, either way you can help by ‘Liking’ & ‘Sharing’ on your Social Networks to let your friends know about the Raffle*  A Better World is up to each of us & everything we do matters. We all share the same inter-connected nature. Let’s build a better World together! ~ Shaon

Enter Now:
Enter the raffle with a chance to Win this awesome artwork to hang on your wall or give as a gift to a loved one while giving to a great cause to help someone who deserves much more. This will not only help my Mom, but also my struggling Sister & my 2 nieces, as well as their pets, 2 older Pugs &  beautiful Kitties.

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Here are some photos of my wonderful Mom & family* Please check out the ‘About Artwork’ Tab above to learn about the Artwork.

My Family



About Photograph:
The Buddha still-life Photograph was captured in 2014 in Los Angeles, Ca. This image expresses the connection of universal nature which is shared by all life as taught by the Shakyamuni Buddha. The image expresses a respect for the environment & embodies a sense of calmness, ease, peacefulness & tranquility.

Green Mind Print Project:
This is artwork is part of my new environmentally conscious photography print project designed with a foundation of environmental sustainability. All possible materials are made from reclaimed & re-purposed materials. I have applied special techniques to create this artwork with a process which takes several days resulting in a one of a kind touch to each creation. More about: Green Mind Project

This Piece:
This is a limited edition print & is the first print of 200. It is stamped with signiture seal & hand numbered.
There are detalis in this print that will not be found in future prints so it is in all respects a one of a kind. Because this is a completely hand crafted work of art, each print & frame varies in detail, character & feel. This particular print is solid & bold in color with some extra blue shades & a thick square dark hardwood base which is reminiscent of a missionary or primitive era feel.

The photo print is done on a thin salvaged finely antiqued wood.
The base is made from a salvaged stained hardwood
The piece has a protective matte coat & is stamped with my signature seal
The back side features a hanging hole & is ready to hang on the wall.

Actual size:
The image print itself is 4″X2.3/4″ with a base frame of 5 5/8″ tall & 3 7/8″ wide with a depth of 1″ Perfect size to bring detailed peaceful beauty to any space.

“As an artist, my work is dedicated to building awareness, positive support, human evolution & sustainability.” ~ Shaon Sattva

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