I have recently joined a photography website called PhotoBug do show my images & enter some contests. After seeing they have a “Photo of the Week Contest, It conjured up the idea for me to do my own Image of The Week on my Blog. In this feature, I will mostly be sharing my photography & also other digital art genres of my work.  I think this will be a great way to encourage myself to do at least one quality image a week which I can share with everyone.

So here is my first Image of the Week!

This photo is an image of my love, Mara Shiko Moon. It was taken shortly after our relocation to L.A. in March 2014 at the top of the Griffith Park Observatory.

Mara was out of town for work & I always seem to find myself editing pictures of her when she’s gone. I think it give me a great excuse to spend time looking at her. I think this gives me a way to feel close to her when she’s gone & a way for me to say; I love you, I value you, & I miss you!

Working on this image turned out to be a bit of a journey* It was one of those editing experiences that start our as a simple fun compulsion & then unfolds to be quite a process of trial & error. This is obviously not a true to life image, rather a creative interpretation of a time & place . To me, each image is it’s own world & I have to say, this it has taken me to hell & back. The biggest take-home for me, may not be the image itself as I learned some great personal lessons where & also gained a very useful experience. You can see an intence exploration of colors here & the result pulls me all sorts of directions* Ahh the beauty of life… What a trip it is!

Feel free to leave a coment!

~ Shaon

Mara My LA Sky - March 2014 - Red Iris Studios

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