The other day I had the pleasure of doing a photo-shoot with a wonderful artist named A Cultivator; aka The Buddhist Rapper.

Myself being both a Buddhist & a fan of much HipHop, I had ran across his music when I lived in Chicago, had a track on my playlist & very much enjoyed it. After moving to L.A. I realized he lived in the aria so I got in contact & we got together! We clicked to say the least & knew it would be great to work together.

A Cultivator Buddhist Rapper - Red Iris Studios Portrait 2014We went to some shooting locations of his choice, one of which had been in one of his previous videos, featuring a GIANT graffiti mural of Quan Yin & The Buddha. Shooting at this location was just wonderful. He new how to pose well, his personality & character immediately shined through & it took almost no effort on my part to get wonderful variations with him.

We then went to a second location along the highway & had a blast shooting around the streets & also discovered a nice ally.  He was not afraid to go bold & so we shot in the middle of the traffic on a busy street.

We went to eat at a great little restaurant & we were able to snap some cool  additional night-shots.

Editing has been fun with so much great material to work with along with the artistic freedom to go different directions. I am extremely happy with the fist completed portrait from this shoot which I am posting here.

The images should prove useful for him as an artist for promotions & use in his social-media outlets, etc. I look forward to working more in the future with  Rap Artist; A Cultivator.

~ Shaon

For more on A Cultivator, you can check out his website at


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