About me

Artist of Red Iris Studios

Jack of Multifarious Arts

Hi my name is Shaon. I am an artist of many mediums & have been creating art my entire life. I have recently relocated to Los Angeles California from Chicago. My artwork varies from light to dark in subject manner with a variety of focuses. On this website you will find a showcase of my personal works, some works for purchase, & other creative offerings.

I work with:
➤ Digital Art
➤ Photography
➤ Graphic Design
➤ Web Design
➤ Mala Beaded Jewelry
➤ Sumi-e Zen Brushwork
➤ Performance Art
➤ Music
➤ Poetry
➤ Writing
➤ Multimedia
➤ More!

Have fun exploring. I hope you enjoy my works & feel free to contact me with any inquires.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in my work, send me an inquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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