Thoughts, Happenings, & Reflections

New Photography Woodprints on the way*

I've been hard at work on some new Buddha-Nature 8"X11 Photography Woodprints, as well as a new very cool mystery print on the way from my sustainable art project; Green Mind Project =~) I will have 3 unique prints available soon! If you would like to be alerted when...

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Tattood Times

It's nice to be out here in Los Angeles with my amazing cousin Heather Sinn of The Tattoo Room. My partner Mara finally had her chest piece completed by Heather & now it's jumping color! I took the opportunity to shoot some photos of the tattoo experience &...

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Photoshoot with A Cultivator

The other day I had the pleasure of doing a photo-shoot with a wonderful artist named A Cultivator; aka The Buddhist Rapper. Myself being both a Buddhist & a fan of much HipHop, I had ran across his music when I lived in Chicago, had a track on my playlist &...

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