Camera RAW Update HTC M9

New RAW Camera Update for HTC M9 just released!

I do my best to break the chains of consumer addiction but after 4 years, I finally found myself getting a new phone. The HTC M9 just happened to come out that day so on a whim I got it. I didn’t do any research on the phone which is unlike me before buying any technology. So after buying the phone, I did some research. The reviews are amazing except for one thing; a lot people were let-down by the camera. That was a bummer when I found out as photography is serious for me.
It has a 20 megapixel camera which is a killer upgrade for a smartphone camera but a lot of people were complaining about the UI & photo processing results. These reviewers were not serious photographers so I took that into account & have been putting it to the test. I’ve been working with the camera for a week or 2 & I’ve been able to come up with some good results though there are effeminately some faults with the camera & I can definitely see the points that were made in the criticisms. We will have to see if the following update address any of the criticisms people were expressing. I have found that if I run the photos post through my favorite app VIGNETTE, I can get some great images. I have to say, the BOKEH effect feature comes out with some really nice results. The quick options for veries crops are great too.

I had heard a rumor of a first ever for smart-phones RAW Camera format update coming out for the M9. This will give full RAW non-destructive editing capabilities in computer photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. As an avid Photoshop user with 10+ years experience, this is exciting news for me. So it turns out the rumor was TRUE & today the update was released! I just applied the update and I’m SUPPER excited to put it to the test!

We will see! After I get my hands dirty, I will share some blog updates on my experience & findings along with some examples.

For all beings,
~ Shaon Sattva | Red Iris Studios

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