A kinder, compassionate, & peaceful World is actualized though our choices.

Do we empower ourselves to reflect deeply enough to make our own decisions or do we simply allow society & cultural dogma to dictate our choices for us?

Reflecting on this current issue of the Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killing Cecil the lion, we can ask ourselves; In my actions, am I really any better than this man? Is hunting a trophy lion any more of a selfish or heartless act than paying people to have innocent animals slaughtered on a daily basis for my unnecessary eating & wearing of flesh?

This lion was tagged for research & was killed for sport, not for food. Yet whether tagged or not tagged, whether legal or not legal, whether for food or not food, the cruelty is equal & in most cases a choice which is equally unnecessary.

Cecil the Lion Choose Vegan Make the ConnectionPlease take the time to think deeply about daily choices & lifestyle habits along with the cause & effect of those choices. Please take the time to consider the pain & suffering of animals. The experience of agony is equally the same for animals as it is for you or those you love. In this way, humans are not “above” animals but we are capable of making different choices than less evolved species. Self-reflection brings up questions such as; Why do I eat meat? Is it just because I was raised that way or have I actually educated myself, thought it through, & made the choice for myself? Is this actually a necessary choice for me to eat animals? Is it really a “personal choice” if it affects others & does not include the choice of those being harmed & killed? Have I ever considered the choice & the lives of the animal? If not, why? If animals feel pain & suffering just as humans do, is it really our right to put these innocent creatures tough living hell & rob them of their lives. Have I seen slaughterhouse footage & how does it make me feel? If the experience of pain & suffering is the same for animals, would I want the same done to me? If not, then why is it ok for me to do this to to them? Additionally, if one cares about the welfare planet, we must also consider the environmental impact of the animal agriculture & whether we wish to contribute to the #1 cause of global warming, extreme water & recourse uses, & more.

In the end, it is all of our choices that dictate the kind of civilization we live in & the destiny we produce for the future of this planet. So for the conscious individual, each of us must consider whether we wish to co-create a positive world or negative world, self-reflect, & think for ourselves about what this really means. Then it is up to us to live accordingly.

Today is the only day to stand up for a better world through the choices we make & today is the only day to make a difference. A kinder, caring, & harmonious World is buried right here within us. Let’s choose to dig it out & set it free!

For All Beings,
~ Shaon Sattva

This writing was inspired by image from Evolve Campaigns.
Check em’ out! – EvolveCampaigns.org.uk

Let’s step up our awareness together for a better planet &
check out the documentary; Earthlings! – Earthlings.com

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