Firefox Homophobe steps downMozilla Firefox’s Newly appointed  Homophobic CEO steps DOWN & Mozilla publicly apologizes!

I was saddened when I found out that my favorite browser;  Mozilla Firefox had appointed an active homophobe as CEO of their company. I really had believed in the positive “open web” mission they expounded & had even engaged in several efforts to help build support for their company including artwork encouraging people to switch their browser to Firefox.

I personally support everyone’s right to believe anything they wish. There are some who have stated that that Brendan Eich should have the right to believe whatever he wishes without persecution. I wholeheartedly agree* However, it’s clear that such sympathizers lack the ability to efficiently think things through or secretly harbor the desire to subjugate others. The important crux of the matter is that when one person’s belief begins to infringe on another person, then it is no longer just belief, but then becomes active oppression of others. At which point, supporting such a person becomes supporting oppression rather than supporting openness & freedom.

Brendan-eichBrandon Eich made a $1,000 pledge in support of Proposition 8, a law denying the right to same-sex marriages. This makes him more than a person with personal beliefs but a person actively engaged in the oppression of others.

Gay rights are human rights. It’s that simple. They are the same as gender rights or ethnic rights. Brendan Eich’s financial support of Proposition 8 is no different form people who would have financed laws to support racial segregation during the 50’s through the 70’s. Let’s not forget that inter-racial marriage was also not acceptable at one time in the United States! The people that are sympathizing with Brendan Eich & complaining about “Political Correctness” (which I couldn’t help but notice were overwhelmingly straight white males) are likely bigots themselves & salty that bigotry is no longer the standard in this Country as the movement for equality continues to evolve.

I have personally never cared about what is “politically correct”. I have always simply done what I feel is right regardless of public opinion & I have been fighting for gay rights since the early 1990’s which is subsequently long before it was trendy or cool. The “PC mobs” are correct this time. Perhaps the company did not expect people to rally to the issue but it was quickly met with opposition from both within the company & outside as well by patrons. The massive backlash is a breath of fresh air & it’s nice to see the mainstream standing up for a good cause every once in a while!

I feel today in this global economy, it is important to wisely & mindfully choose which companies we are supporting. I myself, will do whatever I can to not support any company that is run by an active bigot & you can know by supporting Red Iris Studios, that you are not supporting bigotry.

I’m glad Brandon Eich has stepped down & Mozilla has admitted their wrongs* There are still more decisions to be made in the upcoming days by Mozilla so we will have to see what comes of it all.

I am glad that I can now go BACK to using my Firefox Browser again!

~ Shaon

Mozilla Blog :
Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO

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