On 5/24/14 I went down to document the March Against Monsanto event in Los Angeles where hundreds gathered to say NO to Monsanto & the secret use of GMO’s in our food. I had an excellent time & it was inspiring to come together with people who care for the well being of humanity.

Uggg… Obama went back on his word The White House $old out the people AGAIN . Good thing people are standing up for themselves. Not only did this event happen in L.A. but it was a global day of action aroug the world!  We all deserve to have our food labeled! Red Iris Studios does NOT support Monsanto or GMO’s!

I will be posting pictures as they are edited. This was the 1st edit of the batch. Here is our Super Hero – NoGMO Dog! Who could resist!

Leave a comment if ya like the picture :~)

~ Shaon

Monsanto: A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Most Dangerous Corporation

NoGMO Dog at March Against Monsanto L.A. - Photo by Red Iris Studios


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