Dark Mark Show with A Cultivator

On 4 -24 -2014, A Cultivator (The Buddhist Rapper) appiered on the Gothic Radio Broaodcast; The Dark Mark Show. I had a great time sitting in & taking photos.

Dark Mark, Lady Bloodmeadow, Josi Kat, & A Cultivator… & I, were present for this show. Although I made a point not to remain on the sidelines & not say much, they were nice enough to let me grab a seat & gave me a microphone. Here are the photos I took of the Show & below is a link to the recordings from the night. You can see me in the video & ocasionally here me blurt out in the mike as well.

 ~ Shaon



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Check out the Video of this Show on Skidrow Studios: Video of Dark Mark Show

Check out the Website for The Dark Mark Show for all Episodes: DarkMarkShow.com

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