Birth, Life, & Death - Enso of Summer 2012

One Stroke is Everything

Birth, Life & Death – Enso of Summer 2012

Shaon 紗恩

Created Mid-summer 2012 & completed October 2012

Sumi-e traditional zenga black ink brush painting on rice-paper

The Ensō is a central symbol of Zen Buddhism. It represents many things such as expressions of enlightenment & the fundamental teachings of Buddhism.

This piece is painted on high quality sumi-e paper, matted on heavy stock artist paper, & framed on a beautifully designed Japanese Style green & gold floral art frame. The artwork edges have been hand distressed to accent the wabi-sabi principle of natural imperfection. The Enso itself is broken symbolizing impermanence, the experience of separateness, life, death, beginning, & end. While also baring a spontaneous center-point of oneness or unification of all that is.

The framing is 15″ X 13″ & the painting itself is 11″ X 9 3/4″
The painting has been stamped with my signature seal & the back of the matting has been signed & dated.

Also a special surprise text has been added to the back of this faming which was specificly chosen for the new caretaker of this painting.

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