Budding Buddha

Special-Edition - Kaigen Tokudo Photography Woodprint

Budding Buddha [Kaigen Tokudo Print] 1/108

Shaon 紗恩

April 2015

Photography / Photoshop / Medium Method Wood-printing / Painting / Colligraphy / Wood Working

This image is a composite made from a Buddha statue on the grounds of the Zen Center of Los Angeles along with flower buds also living on the grounds. This piece was crafted as a ceremonial gift for a Zen Priesthood Ceremony (Tokudo).

The photo print was made on special Japanese Black Pine from the grounds of the Zen Center of Los Angeles which died a natural death.

The piece is about 8″ X 1 1/2″

Green Mind Print Project
This is artwork is part of my environmentally conscious photography print project designed with a foundation of environmental sustainability. All possible materials are made from reclaimed & re-purposed materials. I have applied special techniques to create this artwork with a process which takes several days resulting in a one of a kind touch to each creation.

More about – Green Mind Project

I have a limited amount of this wood left, (enough for around 10 prints) & will be be doing more prints of this image in the future, limited to 108 prints. This is a very special piece to say the least. If you are interested in a pre-order, let me know.

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