Ghostbear Mala

Original Mala Design By Shaon of Zendless Knot Studios - Heart in Every Detail

Mala: Ghostbear Yin Yang Mala

Artist: Shaon 紗恩 – Zendless Knot Studios

Created: Sept 2012

Medium / Skill-set: Creative bead-working & jewelry design / knowledge of stones & original handcrafting / detailed knot-work

About: This mala is a one of a kind with a 100% original design. It was created as a commission piece for my friend Ghostbear. It was made with his character in mind to fit his personality & style. The tassel design was invented by me along with the unique extra strong cord system within the jewelery & the beads were hand drilled for the custom design.

I create my Mala Bead Jewelery under the name; Zendless Knot Studios. Please check out my Etsy Store for more info.

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More About This Mala:
This mala was made with Heavy-duty design &  construction so that it could be safely worn at his blue-collar job.

This mala has an obvious Yin Yang feeling representing “balance” accompanied with the boldness of the red beads. The 3 red beads symbolize; Presence, Wisdom, & Compassion* The 3 multiples of the Tassel represent the Buddha, Dharma, & Sangha.

The mala was designed to his wrist measurements. Due to the large beads, the Silver FlatBeads & the small beads in the tassel were added to make the traditional 27 beads (a multiple of 108), which mysteriously happened by chance!

These are BIG beads* 12 mm which is around ½ inch in diameter.

Red Coral Bamboo – 12mm
Black Onyx (malle) – 12mm
Zebra Jasper – 12mm
Labradorite – 12mm

Silver FlatBead
Jet Shell – 4mm
Red Bamboo Coral – 4mm
Black & Red Durable Nylon Cord

1mm Elastic Beading Cord [X3] Reinforced with Wildfire Bonded beading Tread

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