Inherent Liberation -DISL Automatic's BIG Bars Open Invitation Video

Music Video
Plastik Buddha - DISL Automatic BIG Bars Open Invitation - Video by Red Iris Studios

Inherent Liberation – DISL Automatic’s BIG Bars Open Invitation

January 2014

Concept/Music By VeCity & DISL Automatic
Vocals & Performance By Shaon Sattva
Promo Artwork & Video By Red Iris Studios

Music, Multimedia, Video Production & Editing

Please Note
Due to discovering of an established band going by a similar name, I am not be using the name Plastik Buddha for future endeavors & have changed the project name to Inherent Liberation. Stay Tuned for more music under a New Name on the way!

This is my video for DISL Automatic’s BIG Bars Open invitation. Get BIG Fam!

My music endeavor is not intended to be strictly HipHop, rather an expression of purpose to support the internal/external positive evolution of humanity & is an open-ended evolution of my previous sociopolitical charged industrial music project –  C.O.G. aka; ‘Casualties Of Greed’ from around 1994 through 2001. I anticipate more in the industrial genera but who knows! If you’d like to see me do more rhymes, hit that LIKE button, SHARE, & let me know!

I was the front man for a HipHop group back in the early 90’s called ‘The Apple Dumpling Gang’ which produced a successful track called “Off With A Bang”. It was recorded before there was wide use of the internet & I have lost this recording, but there there are many tapes produced so if anyone out there happens to have a copy, please get in touch!

In contrast to the egotistical elitist attitude so often associated with HipHop, the openness of this track project is something very beautiful, inspirational, & something I’m honored to be a part of. DISL Automatic & the Get BIG Fam has been a great inspiration for me to get my audio out there again so I decided to make a bit more of a production with this video & bring it HARD for the Fam!

Keep posted for the full track from DISL Automatic with around 20 artists!

Download DISL Automatic at:

Add Plastik Buddha on Facebook at:

This video is dedicated to DISL Automatic, VeCity, Original SINthesis, & the Get BIG Fam, all the conscious artists out there & to all those working to make the world a better place, both within ourselves & expanding outward into the World. Get BIG YALL!

© 2014 – 2022 RIS

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