Junes Forest Mala

Original Mala Design By Shaon of Zendless Knot Studios - Heart in Every Detail

Junes Forest Mala

Shaon 紗恩 – Zendless Knot Studios

June 2012

Medium / Skill-set:
Bead-working & jewelry design / knowledge of stones & handcrafting / detailed knot-work

This mala is a one of a kind design. It was created as a commission piece for my friends then gifted to one of her spiritual guides. It was made with the individual in mind to fit her personality & style. The unique Guru bead concept created from 3 Black Quarts Nuggets with protective coating & bound with natural bamboo linen.

This mala jewelery was created under my bead project; Zendless Knot Studios. Please check out my Etsy Store for more info.

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-YELLOW TURQUOISE [natural green] (8mm)
-FELDSPAR [natural grey] (8mm)
-WHITE HOWLITE [brown veins] (8mm)
-BLACK ONYX [matte finish] (8mm)
-Custom drilled 8-10mm BLACK QUARTZ NUGGET Guru Bead [3 part w/ protective coat] ornamentally tied with Natural Black Bamboo Lenin.

Embroidery Thread: Soft white, several subtle shades of green, & some grown & a touch of black bamboo. There is a hidden 6mm Green Lace-stone Bead within the tassel; a signature addition I call the “Heart Stone”.

Strung with natural linen waxed cord (dark green) – Reenforced with wildfire thermally bonded thread for long lasting.

Design Concept:
This mala has a mossy & earthy feel, bringing to mind versatile & vibrant woodlands. The black onyx grounds the mala with boldness & stability. The unique guru bead give a feeling of auspiciousness while the tones of the tassel balance it with down to earth simplicity.

It was created with the traditional 108 beads which in Buddhism represent all our forms of personal suffering, the equal counterparts of our joys & liberation from suffering.

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