L.A. Bamboo Fields

Urban Zen - Street Photography

L.A. Bamboo Fields

Photo By
Shaon 紗恩

June 2014

Digital Photography / Photoshop / Street / Still-Life Portraiture /  Landscape / Urban Zen

This photo was taken in East Hollywood, L.A. California on Virgil Avenue.

I took this picture on my way home with a dead bird which I found on the street & planed to give a respectable burial.

The image showcases natures drive to to exist amongst the artificial human cement jungle. It expresses the nature deep within all of us to be our truest selves amongst an imposed culture designed to subdue our inner-truth. The fire hydrant is put in place to help us in tragedy, yet the bamboo is telling me, a deeper tragedy is in play. The bamboo is calling us to not forget what is under it all. Can we extinguish this fire?

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