Red & Black Dragonfly Mala

Original Mala Design By Shaon of Zendless Knot Studios - Heart in Every Detail

Mala: Red & Black Dragonfly Mala

Artist: Shaon 紗恩 – Zendless Knot Studios

Created: June 2012

Medium / Skill-set: Creative bead-working & jewelry design / knowledge of stones & original handcrafting / detailed knot-work

About: This is a Mala was made as a 100% original design. It was created for my Martial Arts Teacher & Devotee Jeremy Michael  Jones. It was made with his character in mind to fit his personality & style. The Dragonfly tassel design was invented by me & the beads were hand drilled for the custom design.

I create my Mala Bead Jewelery under the name; Zendless Knot Studios. Please check out my Etsy Store for more info.

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More About This Mala:
This mala was made with Heavy-duty design & construction so that it could withstand the ware & tare of an active Martial Artist.

This mala features an amazing original dragonfly tassel design which came together totally by accident. It features a custom black & white guru bead for a Yin Yang feeling representing “balance” accompanied with the boldness of the red & black beads accompanies with white & grey accents.

The mala is made with the traditional 108 beads & features 2 red coral lotus flower carved beads.

All 8mm
Red Coral Bamboo
Red Bamboo Coral Lotus carving
Black Jasper
Zebra Stone
Black Lava

Guru Bead:
12mm Zebra Jasper / Black & White Custom Drilled

Black & Red Nylon Cord

Black Nylon Cord

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