Shiko Fields Forever

Landscape Photography

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Shiko Fields Forever

Photo By
Shaon 紗恩

July 4th 2014

Digital Photography / Photoshop / Landscape

This photo was taken on our nature hike with the Zen Center of Los Angeles in the Griffith Park Hiking Trails in Hollywood, Ca. The creative direction of this image was inspired by my experience that day along with the beauty I see in my partner Shiko, & so it is dedicated to her. Also of course the title is a nod to the Beatles song “Strawberry Fields Forever” which emits the same feeling to me as this image.  A wonderful day it was, a beautiful day it continues to be*

You can check out the the Blog about this day along with more photos at: Commuting With Nature – ZCLA Hike July 4th 2014

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