Virulent Gorgon Leer - Conchairto #0.001 - Multimedia Performance Video from 1994

Multimedia Industrial Music Perfomance Art
VGL 1994 Scream

Virulent Gorgon Leer
Conchairto #0.001
Performance/Video at Espresso Europa 1994

Music & Performance By
Shaon Sattva / VGL [Virulent Gorgon Leer] / MOLT

Video By
Casey & Brandon Crow

Date / Location
Abilene, Tx. Espresso Europa, Midnight, August 26th 1994

Music / Performance Art / Video Production / Multimedia

“Virulent Gorgon Leer” performance art piece filmed in 1994 at Espresso Europa in Abilene Texas. Includes original video that played during the performance. All music was later released under the name MOLT with the album NOIZE POLLUTION.

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